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15 August 2009
  Ministry of Defence  


  11:52 IST  
  The President has awarded Ashoka Chakra to Major Mohit Sharma (posthumous) and Major D Sreeram Kumar on the eve of Independence Day. Four Kirti Chakra have also been awarded to Major Amit Oscar Fernandes, Major Deepak Tewari, Naik Rishikesh Gurjar and Paratrooper Shabir Ahmad Malik (posthumous).


IC 59066N Maj Mohit Sharma was commissioned into First Battalion of the Parachute Regiment (Special Forces) on December 30, 1999. During his initial probation period, he got injured and was posted back to his parent unit on medical grounds where he served for three years. Thereafter was posted to 38 Rashtriya Rifles Battalion and due to his exemplary services in combating terrorism during OP RAKSHAK he was awarded the Chief of Army Staff Commendation Card. After serving in the unit for 21 months he again volunteered for probation with the First Battalion The Parachute Regt (Special Forces) and displaying unparalleled motivation he successfully cleared probation. He was awarded with Sena Medal (gallantry) for his daring covert operation in 2005.

On 21 Mar 2009 while tracking an infiltrating terrorist group he and his men came under heavy volume of fire. Unmindful of his safety he rescued two of his comrades to cover under overwhelming effective fire, killed two terrorists and in the process sustained multiple gunshot wounds. Grievously wounded sensing grave danger to his commandos he charged on the terrorists and killed two more at close range. The brave officer succumbed to his injuries and made the supreme sacrifice in the finest traditions of the paltan and the country.


SS-40576A Major D Sreeram Kumar was born on 11 Jan 1981 at Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh. He passed his matric and intermediate exam from Sainik School Amaravati Nagar, Tamil Nadu in 1996 and 1998 respectively. He was commissioned into 90 Medium Regiment (Artillery) on 20 Mar 2004 and was promoted to the Rank of Major on 24 Aug 2008.

Major D Sreeram Kumar is presently serving with 39 Assam Rifles since Mar 2007 in Arunachal Pradesh (OP ORCHID) and from 07 Dec 2007 in Manipur (OP HIFAZAT). With his consummate leadership and ingenuity he has created an effective and vibrant intelligence network, delivering hard blows to the activities of the terrorists and making it extremely difficult for them to operate in the battalion area of responsibility.

Due to his efforts there has been a palpable decrease in insurgency activities in the unit area of responsibility which has bought succor to the people and ensured their safety. The officer has personally participated in number of operations, leading from the front and has eliminated 12 terrorists, apprehended 23 terrorists and recovered 12 weapons since induction of the Battalion in Manipur (OP HIFAZAT) in Dec 2007. Largely due to his efforts and earnestness the unit in 2008, has achieved numerous operational successes in Manipur (OP HIFAZAT).


IC-59630X Major Amit Oscar Fernandes was commissioned into the 7TH MARATHA LIGHT INFANTRY on 13 May 2000. The officer is presently posted with the battalion which is deployed in Counter Insurgency Operational Area in Jammu and Kashmir since 07 Sep 2006.

He has served with 27 RASHTRIYA RIFLE (MARATHA LIGHT INFANTRY) from 23 Aug 2002 to 18 Aug 2002 deployed in Counter Insurgency Operational in Jammu and Kashmir and thereafter with Commando Wing, Junior Leader Wing, The Infantry School, Belgaum as a Instructor from 19 Sep 2004 to 06 Sep 2006.

On 16 Nov 2008, an input received at 1650 hrs indicated likely presence of terrorists in general area Beli Baihk, District-Baramulla. A well planned search and destroy operation was directed towards general area Beli Baihk at 1700 hrs. Terrorists moving towards Lachhipura was spotted by the search party under Major Amit Oscar Fernandes at 2045 hrs only at extremely close range due to poor visibility and good cover. The contact with terrorists was established and intense fire fight ensured. In the fire fight two terrorists were killed. The third terrorists closed in and fired on Maj Amit Oscar Fernandes. The officer caught the barrel of terrorists weapon and deflected the fire away from himself and his party. The terrorist bit his thumb to release the weapon. Maj Amit Oscar Fernandes overpowered the terrorist, snatched his weapon and shot him dead. Major Fernandes by his raw courage, extreme determination and timely action saved the lives of his comrades while eliminating three hard core terrorists.

Corps of EME

IC-61379L Major Deepak Tewari was commissioned into Corps of EME on 08 Dec 2001. He completed his attachment period with 8 Bihar from 08 Dec 2001 to 07 Dec 2002 and was then posted to 7002 EME Battalion from 08 Dec 2002 to 03 Jun 2005. Major Deepak Tewari was posted to 14 Rashtriya Rifles (Garhwal Rifle) on 29 Jun 2008 after completion of his Engineering Degree at MCEME Secunderabad.

On 27 November 2008, he received specific information from the Brigade HQ, regarding presence of five terrorists in one of the houses of Shokbaba. He rapidly moved in pitch dark night, thus surprising the terrorists with the speed of movement. At 0015 hrs while closing in on to the target, the officer heard the militants coming out of the house towards them. On seeing troops, terrorists opened heavy volume of fire. The officer, despite the barrage of fire, displaying nerves of steel and quick reflexes retaliated and chased four terrorists who jumped behind a rock, lobbed a grenade and resumed firing at the officer. In the face of terrorist fire, displaying dogged determination, the officer moved forward with lightning speed, leap frogging behind boulders, encircled the terrorists and in a daring act of bravery, single handedly eliminated three terrorists in extremely close range gun battle of approximately three meters and critically injuring the fourth. The brave officer then provided personal leadership to the team which resulted in elimination of five hardcore Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists.


No. 9113063K Paratrooper Shabir Ahmad Malik joined the army on 15 Mar 2007 in J&K Light Infantry. An alumnus of the prestigious Sainik School Manasbal, he was a fierce patriot since childhood and thus volunteered for Special Forces. Out of two hundred odd probationers he got selected to become part of the elite First Para (SF) on 15 Mar 2008.

As a young paratrooper, he proved to be a very motivated and hardworking soul. Always ready to volunteer for any task not considering the risks involved. He volunteered as a scout to lead his troops in operations.

On 21 Mar 2009, his troop was tracking an infiltrating column of terrorists when leading as a scout he observed suspicious movement and alerted his commando buddy. An overwhelming volume of fire from three directions by the terrorists resulted in the injury of his buddy. Undaunted the young paratrooper crawled under overwhelming effective fire and rescued his comrade to cover and further charging on the terrorists killed two at close quarters in hand to hand combat. During this act of bravery he sustained severe gunshot wounds but refusing to be evacuated he kept motivating and directing his troop mates. The brave paratrooper finally succumbed to his injuries but not before he had eliminated two hardcore terrorists and helped in successful evacuation of his buddy. This act of valour and selfless sacrifice has made him a youth icon in Kashmir valley.


2994546Y Naik Rishikesh Gurjar 10 Rashtriya Rifles (Rajput) was born on July 10, 1978 at village Nisura, Dist Sawaimathopur, Rajasthan. He did his schooling in his village and studied upto class 8th. The individual got enrolled into the Rajput Regiment on October 28, 1995 and after successful completion of basic training from Rajput Regimental Centre, Fatehgarh, he joined 3 Rajput in mid-1997. During his service career, he has participated in Operation Vijay at Kargil from June 1999 to Sep 99 in operation in Operation Parakram / Rakshak at Bandipura (J&K) from December 2002 to August 2005 and in operation Rakshak at Doda from October 2007 till date.

Presently as an NCO incharge of Ghatak Platoon of 10 Rashtriya Rifles, he has been part of various operations during, which include arrest of two overground workers with Rs. 1,90,000/-, one Terrorist of LeT ‘Tanzeem’ apprehended with Chinese Grenade and surrender of two terrorists of LeT ‘Tanzeems’.

DM/Samir /RAJ